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Novelties: musical automatons, music boxes, musical jewelry boxes and musical carousels.

Solar figurine - Solar animal figurine - Animated solar panda

Model : Figurine fleur solaire
Categories : NOVELTIES,Solar figurines of different types,Solar figurines - Solar animals,Automatons and music boxes by theme,Automatons and music boxes with bears

Figurine fleur solaire : figurine animal solaire : panda solaire.
En approchant une lumière artificielle ou naturelle vers la figurine solaire, celle-ci se met à bouger en remuant son corps.
Ce panda solaire créé une présence en respectant ainsi

Weight : 57 g Reference FF35

Dimensions : 9,5 X 6 X 6 cm
4, 50 € TTC
3, 75 € HT

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Solar figurine : solar animal figurine : Solar panda.

When an artificial or a natural light is placed next to the solar figurine, it starts to move its body.

This solar panda creates a presence by respecting the environment as no batteries are required – we know that exhausted batteries pollute the environment. Its movements are calming as they follow the rhythm of solar light. The ideal place for this solar figurine is, without any doubt, in a car, on a desk or next to a window.

A solar cell is an electronic component that, once it is placed under the light (photons), produces electricity thanks to the photovoltaic effect that causes this phenomenon. The obtained tension depends on the incident light. The photovoltaic cell provides a permanent tension.

Melody of this solar figurine (Solar woman wearing bikini) equipped with a photovoltaic cell : none.

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